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Our Uniqueness

Ambience - A Lavish Treat for Your Vital Senses
At Manuela Thai Spa, the traditional Thai architecture adds to the splendor of the spas. The striking beauty of Thai traditional structural design and works of art, mingle with the classic sophistication of modern-day design, inducing a sensation of divine calmness and harmony with nature
By merely entering our spa, you take the first step towards transferring yourself to a unique world of serenity and happiness, away from your worries and physical discomforts.

You are cheerfully greeted at an elegantly designed reception area. While you walk towards our treatment rooms, you will get subtle pleasures from dark hued lamps, scents of petals, sights of beautifully arranged tropical plants, conventional Thai carvings, and attractively designed spacious interiors with soothing colors and decors.

Get a Sensation of Divine Serenity

And once inside our spa rooms, you will experience the invigorating scents of our essential oils and tropical flowers that help you overcome your anxieties and strains. These scents are perfectly complemented by soft traditional Thai music and the tender sounds of flowing water, which linger on the air, like a revitalizing morning haze.

An Enviable Blend of  Qualifications & Experience

At Manuela Thai Spa, we assure you that you are in the best hands that are capable, skilled and experienced enough to give you the best results likely from Thai Spa services.

The Distinguishing Factors

Certifications: Our therapists are Thai nationals, trained and certified by the Thai Ministry of Health and Education. The ministry is the most credible organization in the world for promoting the Thai Spa concept

Education: Our therapists are handpicked from the best schools specializing in the education of traditional Thai Spa, and which are situated in Thai provinces.

Privileged: Most of our therapists are qualified Master Therapist, who have undergone over 200 hours of additional, intensive training in sophisticated massage techniques, from the best certified schools in Thailand.

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